Attention Owners
Important Billing Changes
New online Payment Provider – ClickPay

ClickPay will be our new and preferred provider for accepting owner payments made online and through our existing Direct-Debit program beginning March 20, 2017.  

To create an account or make payments with ClickPay, click on the following link: 

Through ClickPay, you will be provided with a convenient and secure way to view and pay your balance due from a bank account now for FREE or by major credit or debit card for a nominal fee.

If already signed up with automatic withdraw Direct-Debit Program…
If your payments are set to withdraw automatically through our Direct-Debit program, No action will be required at this time.   This will not disrupt payments. Payments will continue to withdraw automatically and will be listed on owner bank statements as the community or association name.
If not currently signed up with Direct-Debit Program and are making online payments…
If you currently pay online by e-check or credit card through our existing provider, you will be sent an email on or after March 20, 2017 with direct access into your new ClickPay account. If you wish to continue making payments online, you will be required to activate your account with ClickPay via the email sent to you.